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Welcome to discover with us the greatest story ever lived and written in human memory. Three thousand years of Archeology, Art and Life lived in a continuous thread of unique greatness, historical challenges, fulfilled charm and sense of wonder. We long to share it with you, with our passion, experience and knowledge. So that you too, may live today the dream that Rome was, and ever will be.

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Why Spqrome SPQR...
You'll find it written everywhere in Rome. These four letters will be right in front of your eyes, many times you'll cross the corners of Rome. On fountains, on marble slabs, on temples, on metal fences, on the public ground everywhere... Each letter stands for a word in latin.

S. For Senatus, the Senators, wealthy old families of Rome.
P. For Populus, the People of Rome.
Q. For "que", a conjunction meaning "together".
R. For Romanus, the Romans.

The whole four letters make a statement, unforgotten like a password and a legacy for all the Romans: the Senators and the People together are the Romans. It meant that the Romans, could be together despite their social and cultural difference, that they could be the Romans only standing together. Their meaning and their greatest challenges, all their history and their achievements, we will tell you all, with the deepest joy of storytelling...

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